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After an inevitable break-in phase that kept us busy for various months, the new academic year features a series of novelties that have been introduced by the new Sapienza statute and the recent bill ratified by the Italian Ministry of University, Education and Research.

In particular, I am referring to the creation of larger Departments and the integration of research and didactic activities into the departments that, in our case, has brought the Doctorate in Archaeology, the Research Doctorate in Philology and History of the Ancient World and the Specialisation School in Cultural Heritage and a Master Class (managed jointly with the Faculty of Architecture) together with our Bachelors and Masters Programmes that were previously managed by the Faculty.

Research and didactic activities have been re-unified and this makes perfect sense for the world of academia.


Since July 1, 2010, the new organisation of the Department of Antiquities, which houses over 90 professors, now encompasses 25 scientific sectors that range from the West to the Middle East and chronologically from Prehistory to the Byzantine Empire. Moreover, from an archaeological and philological-literary point of view, all of this is extended to the Middle Ages, to Christian, Jewish and Muslim Religion and to Humanism, when the wonders of antiquity were rediscovered.


In order to coordinate such a wide range of activities, the Department has been organised into five sections:

  • Archaeology
  • Greek and Latin Philology
  • History, Epigraphy and Topography (East and Ancient Mediterranean)

In short, we can surely say that we have become one of the largest Departments of Antiquities. And not just in Italy!

The many links to archaeological digs and long-term projects that are available on the site may give you an idea of the wide range of activities that we coordinate and the vast amount of research that is conducted by the department.


The Department of Antiquities includes a large library with over 150,000 volumes and magazines that is organised into 9 different areas, located both on and off the main Sapienza campus

Moreover, the Department coordinates on a range of different scientific and didactic activities with the following museums:

  • Museum of Prehistory
  • Museum of the Near East
  • Museum of Etruscan and Italian Antiquities
  • Museum of Classic Art


Since the 2011-12 academic year, the Department of Antiquities has offered two Bachelors Programmes (archaeology and classic philology) and two Masters Programmes. In particular, the philological programmes also involve colleagues from the Departments of Greco-Latin Studies, Italian and Entertainment.

The department has a secretarial office that replies to all student queries.

Director: prof. Piras Giorgio

RAD: Dott.ssa Salvati Maria Daniela

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