Cancellieri Emanuele

Di Lernia Savino
Research title: 
Evoluzione della Middle Stone Age nel Sahara settentrionale
Durata dell'assegno: 
01-09-2018 to 31-08-2019
Curriculum Vitae: 

I am a Palaeolithic/Stone Age archaeologist and my research interests are mainly focused on lithic technology from central Mediterranean and North African contexts. I am a member of several Italian and international scientific associations. My field experience includes the participation to excavations in major prehistoric sites in Italy, Spain, Turkey, Libya and Tunisia. I am an experienced  flint-knapper.

In 2011 I received my PhD from the University of Ferrara. My research focused on the settlement system of the Epigravettian hunter-gatherer groups during the Last Glacial Maximum in Eastern Italy and Western Balkans. 

Since 2010 I have been collaborating in the activities of the "Archaeological Mission in the Sahara", directed by Savino di Lernia (Sapienza University of Rome). My collaboration with the Mission began with the participation to the "Messak Project", a research and conservation program encouraged by the Libyan Department of Archaeology. The research, conducted on the Messak massif in south-western Libya, interrupted in 2011 due to the beginning of the civil war in the country, was an exceptional opportunity for me to get in direct contact with the archaeology of the Stone Age of the central Sahara, also thanks to the field documentation of several thousand Early and Middle Stone Age stone artefacts. Also inheriting the skills acquired in the Libyan Sahara, since 2014 I am involved in the activities of the " Archaeological Mission in the Sahara " in southern Tunisia focusing my research on the archaeology and chronology of human occupation of this part of northern Sahara in the Middle Stone Age.

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