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Choosing a university isn't easy. You want a place that can make your dreams come true, educate you and provide you with the knowledge, life skills and resources that will give you an edge in the world. Sapienza University of Rome is just that place. We have been nurturing students for centuries. 

Merging centuries of tradition with cutting-edge didactic activities, research and innovation, Sapienza provides top quality education and research opportunities. Indeed, it ranks amongst the top Italian universities and shows a strong performance worldwide, too.

And it all takes place in one of the most breath-taking cities in the world: Rome.

If this is what you're looking for come to our next Open Day or register for a visit with the Hello Office and experience a day at Sapienza!

First Cycle Programmes

First Cycle Programmes (Undergraduate)

First cycle programmes (Laurea triennale) at Sapienza University are held only in Italian.

First cycle degrees (the equivalent of a Bachelors Degree) are presented upon completion of a three-year programme of undergraduate studies.

Second Cycle Programmes

Single and Second Cycle Programmes (Graduate)

Sapienza University provides a variety of prestigious two-year Second Cycle or Masters Programmes (Laurea Magistrale) in Italian, as well as a number of Masters Programmes that are held entirely in English.

Admission to a Second Cycle Programme requires the completion of a three-year First Cycle Programme (Laurea triennale) or equivalent university degree abroad.

PhD Programmes

The Italian research doctorate (PhD) is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most fields of study.

The PhD programme is open to applicants who hold an Italian diploma di laurea, laurea specialistica or laurea magistrale or an equivalent second-level degree (generally equivalent to a Masters Degree) obtained abroad.

PhD programmes train students to carry out scientific research and improve their research methodologies. A Research Doctorate (dottore di ricerca) is awarded after 3 years of study and the completion of assigned research activities.

In order to complete the PhD programme, students must present a final dissertation (tesi di dottorato).

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