session 21


Organised by: Pete Wilson

Britain is one of the most intensively studied provinces of the Roman Empire. In common with the rest of British archaeology many recent  discoveries of new sites and advances in understanding derive from developer-funded archaeology, although the university and voluntary sectors continue to make significant contributions. This session will seek, through three synthetic papers, to set out recent advances in our subject, with a further three papers providing a sample of the range of work being undertaken and presenting the results of that work.

The Roman Army in Britain: a Review of Recent Research, Ian Haynes

The Rural Settlement of Roman Britain, Alex Smith

The Towns of Roman Britain in an ImperialContext, Martin Millett

From rags to ritual: Two key phases of activity in Londinium, as revealed by excavations at Bloomberg London, Sadie Watson and Jessica Bryan,

Inscribed altars from Roman Britain, Tony King

A restoration of the Ptolemaic map of the British Isles, Philip Crummy

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