Poster session 7.2

Gianluca Minetto (UMS) and Cristina Nervi (MIUR-CPIA)

The Lusitaniana fish products in the port of Olbia (North-estern Sardinia)

Olbia is the main port on the Estern coast of Sardinia. It is settled in a Gulf which allowed the development of an important market since the Phoenician period.

In Late Roman period cargoes from the whole Mediterranean area (Hispania, Levant, Italic Peninsula, Calabria, Sicily, Africa and Gaule) joined the port.

The Lusitanian products arrived at Olbia since the 1st AD.: are attested Dressel 14 –amphorae containig oil-.

Particularly interesting are the Late Roman importations; in 4th and 5th AD the Lusitanian amphoras arrived at Olbia, carrying fish products –contained in Almagro 51C and Almagro 50 amphorae-.

Lusitania was at that time the major fish product exporter in the Western Mediterranean area; its direct competitor was North Africa –mainly actual Tunisia-, but, among the amphorae attestations of Olbia, Africa seems not to be sufficiently competitive in this sector.

In conclusion this poster will deal with the importation of Lusitanian fish products to Olbia in Late Antiquity, analyzing this stuffs together with the whole mass of importation from the others Mediterranean area (Baetica, North Africa, and Levant).

Nobody till now has studied the commercial role of Olbia –the Sardinian port right in front of Rome in the Tyrrhenian sea- on the basis of the amphorae data, in general and on the Lusitanian products in detail.