Archeologia Classica is a journal published by Sapienza – University of Rome, Department of Classics. Founded by Giulio Q. Giglioli in 1949, it is printed every year in October.

Prehistory and Protohistory of Ancient Civilizations

JOURNAL FOUNDER Salvatore M. Puglisi

The journal Rivista di studi bizantini e neoellenici (RSBN), published by Sapienza, University of Rome – Department of Classics, was founded in 1924, with the title Studi Bizantini (until 1964), by Silvio Giuseppe Mercati, who was the first Professor of Byzantine...

This magazine is part of the Department structure and pertains subjects of ancient studies in an integrated study of ancient societies in every feature - enviromental, technological, economical, social, political, ideological - as elements of mutating dynamics.

Vicino Oriente (ISSN 0393-0300) is the journal of the Sezione di Orientalistica (Section of Oriental Studies) of the Department of Sciences of Antiquity of Rome “La Sapienza” University.