Poster session 27.1

Mariya Avramova (University of Warsaw)

Healing Settlements in Roman Thrace: Past Scholarship and Future Perspectives

Roman healing settlements have been an object of interest for many scientists for over the past century. However, not all settlements have received the same amount of scholarly attention and as a result some regions are better studied than others. Roman Thrace falls amongst the latter. Though many healing settlements in the Roman province of Thrace are known from epigraphic and literary sources as well as from archaeological excavations, not all of the information is easily available to scholars. On the other hand the data is published separately for each settlement or even for each aspect of a settlement, e.g. architecture, cult activity, etc. Moreover, no general study of the topic has been conducted so far and few attempts were made to look at the healing settlements as complex establishments and to examine their role in public life in the province.

The poster aims to present the state of the scholarship of healing settlements in the Roman province of Thrace. For this purpose some of the sites will be presented, most notably Aquae Calidae, Diocletianopolis and Pautalia. On this basis an attempt to outline the future perspectives for research of healing settlements in the province of Thrace will be undertaken.