Babylonian Takeaway

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Lucia Mori
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Thursday, 26 May, 2022 - 11:00

"Babylonian Takeaway". Deciphering the Oldest Written Cuisine, di Gojko Barjamovic (Harvard University) e Agnete Lassen (Yale Babylonian Collection)

The fundamental techniques used in cooking were developed long before the first texts were written. But like many other aspects of daily life, cooking was rarely a direct topic of textual records during most of human history. Like weaving, child rearing, or musical performance, training in how to prepare food was “silent knowledge” passed from one generation to the next without recourse to writing. It is therefore remarkable that four collections of food recipes from ancient Mesopotamia survive. The conference will present the results of a recent research project devoted to a multi-disciplinary analysis of the Babylonian food recipes recorded in tablets from the Yale Babylonian Collection.

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