Scuola di Atene

Department Commission

The Commission is composed by the Director, two Full professors, Associate professors and Researchers in equal number, the RAD as secretary and, where she's appointed, by the Vice-Director, with no vote. Their end-of-term is in 2 years and can't be re-elected more than one time in a row.

The Commission, over its counseling functions, has inquesting functions over any topic submitted to the Department's Council.


  • Piras Giorgio - Direttore del Dipartimento
  • Belardinelli Anna Maria Rosaria - Professore Ordinario
  • Cardarelli Andrea - Professore Ordinario
  • Jaia Alessandro Maria - Professore Associato
  • Orlandi Silvia - Professore Associato
  • D'Andrea Marta - Ricercatore
  • Ecca Giulia - Ricercatore
  • Merelli Daniela - Responsabile Amministrativo Delegato
  • Santinelli Stefania - Amministrativo
  • Scardocci Monica - Amministrativo



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