Technological and functional analyses of prehistoric artefacts

Supervisor: Lemorini Cristina


The laboratory is specialised in technological and functional analyses, through traces analysis, of stone, bone tools and pottery. To carry on this type of analyses the laboratory is equipped with high-tech optical equipment (transmitted and reflected light stereomicroscopes; reflected, transmitted and confocal light metallurgical microscopes equipped with high definition cameras; specific sample washing equipment). The laboratory is not entirely dedicated to research activities but is also a place where students learn to analyse stone and bone tools, pottery through the application of specific methodologies, and to process the obtained data through data entry in specific databases and photography.

Experimental activities play an important role in both teaching and research programs carried out in the lab. Every year, both students from different curricula of the Archaeology course and numerous Erasmus students, take part to the experimentations going on in the laboratory. These experimental activities are focused on the reproduction of implements related to specific archaeological contexts.

To have a more clear idea of the laboratory, information can be gathered from the Museo delle Origini web page that can be found on the Sapienza home page.

To use of the lab equipment requests have to be made to Prof. Cristina Lemorini (

The department staff wishing to carry out non-destructive morphological analyses through the SEM Hitachi TM3000 must contact Prof. Cristina Lemorini (

Users of the laboratory:

  • BA and MA students
  • Archaeology PhD Students
  • PostDoc and Researchers


  • 2 Stereomicroscopes equipped with reflected light
  • 1 Stereomicroscope with transmitted and reflected light
  • 1 Metallographic microscope with reflected and transmitted light
  • 1 Metallographic microscope with transmitted and reflected light equipped with DIC and Confocal System
  • 1 Microscope with polarised reflected light
  • 1 SEM equipped with EDX probe
  • 1 Dino-Lite portable digital microscope
  • 3 optical fiber illumination systems
  • 2 digital cameras
  • 3 digital videocameras
  • 1 imaging software
  • 1 Ultrasonic Tank
  • 1 Laboratory Centrifuge
  • 10 Workstations



  • Lemorini Cristina – professore II fascia, responsabile del laboratorio
  • Conati Barbaro Cecilia – ricercatore, direttore del Museo delle Origini
  • Carboni Giovanni – C4 - area tecnico-scientifica

Timetable and location: 

Faculty - Museo delle Origini Mon./Fri. 7.30-18.00

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