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Winter school

Winter school dedicated to Cultural Heritage in the Near and Middle East

The winter school dedicated to Cultural Heritage in the Near and Middle East aims to provide useful tools to understand how one works in Cultural Heritage in countries of the Mediterranean and Near and Middle East, with a special focus on the areas of crisis. The lessons deal primarily with day-to-day approach to the field and with the scientific and ethical questions that face each of us in his work. To do so we will illustrate and discuss specific case studies. The Winter School is a common effort of Professors and Researchers who work at Sapienza University specializing in the archeology, history and philology of these regions and it does not intend to retrace our university courses, but to look at our work from a different point of view. It is an event that will be repeated over the years, with the aim of contributing to making Sapienza the point of reference for our studies.

Students will be led through a kaleidoscope of practical experiences, they will be shown problems, perspectives and opportunities to work on cultural heritage abroad. Although the overall aim is to provide each student with a wide-ranging overview of the many research possibilities and of the complexity of working in each of our countries, we also envisage a more specialized work moment, in which each student will choose a theme on which to work for two days with the teacher of her/his choice.

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