Archeologia classica (new serie)

Archeologia Classica is a journal published by Sapienza – University of Rome, Department of Classics. Founded by Giulio Q. Giglioli in 1949, it is printed every year in October.

The journal contains articles in Italian and foreign languages (English, French, Spanish and German) by Authors of various nationalities from the academic and research world, museums and institutions involved in the cultural heritage protection.

The journal covers a wide range of fields in Archaeology, History and Art History of the Etruscan-italic, Greek and Roman societies, from the Proto-historic period up to Late Antiquity, which are investigated through archaeological, epigraphic, literary and iconographic sources. Furthermore, it is distinguished for the attention to the History of Archeology.

The journal is divided in three sections: articles, notes and discussions, and book reviews. At the end of each volume, a list of received books is provided.

Thanks to the exchange programmes with several research institutions and universities, Italian and foreign, we receive books and journals which enrich the Department’s Library. Archeologia Classica is present, with different consistency and continuity, in more than two-hundred institutions all over the world.

Archeologia Classica is a classe A journal according to the ANVUR classification system.

The articles submitted by the Authors are first examined by the journal’s Scientific Direction and then anonymously reviewed by two experts in the field, in all to comply with peer-review criteria.

Palombi Domenico


  • di Fazio Clara
  • Taglietti Franca

Directive commitee:

  • Barbanera Marcello
  • Biella Maria Cristina
  • Carafa Paolo
  • Galli Marco
  • Michetti Laura
  • Palombi Domenico
  • Papini Massimiliano
  • Stasolla Francesca Romana
  • Tortorella Stefano

Scientific commitee: 

  • Gros Pierre (Aix-en- Provence)
  • Haynes Sybille (Oxford)
  • Hoelscher Tonio (Heidelberg)
  • Moltesen Mette (Copenhagen)
  • Verger Stéphane (Paris)
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