Mediterranean Archaeology

The MA in Mediterranean Archaeology offers a comprehensive overview of the deep history of the Mediterranean through a thematic and interdisciplinary approach, in a continuous dialogue between past and present. 
From the extraordinary location of Rome, in the core of the Mediterranean Sea, the course represents a unique experience for the study of ancient societies from Prehistory and Protohistory, up to Classical and Medieval worlds. 
The teaching modules will focus on diachronic processes and cross-disciplinary themes, such as social and economic developments, urbanism and material culture, cultural transformations, mobility and migrations, trade exchanges and networks, dynamics in maritime and sacred landscape. Topics of the archaeological practice rooted in postcolonial and inclusive approaches will display their full interpretive power. 
The wide range of archaeological research in Italy and abroad led by Sapienza provides students with a unique opportunity for fieldworks, lab activities and practical stages on a Mediterranean scale. The combination of teaching, seminars and practical activities provides students with a solid theoretical and methodological background in archaeological and cultural heritage studies.

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